Rs 28,484 Crore NiMo+Choksi Bank Loot Scam

Post-escape of ‘Lalit Modi’ i.e. ‘Chhota Modi #1’ and ‘Vijay Mallya’, another ‘Bank Loot Scam’ has hit India in which NiMo i.e ‘Chhota Modi #2 and Mehul Choksi ‘6+0 a gei Mt’ fleeced and flew from India. India’s biggest ‘Bank Loot Scam’ worth Rs 23,484 Cr (As per CBI, LOU Fruad is Rs 13,578 Cr + Rs 9,906 Cr Bank Loan Exposure of 31 Banks) stands exposed. No wonder, ‘UDAAN’ is the buzzword of Modi Government, wherein every Scamster can ‘Fleece and Fly’— ‘unchecked and undetected’.

A complicit Modi Govt has even refused to publicly acknowledge additional loot and duping of common man’s money worth Rs 5,000 Cr i.e. ‘Jan Dhan Loot’ through Ponzi Gold Schemes of NiMo + Choksi.

India Demands Answers;-

  1. Ain’t PM & FM responsible for the Biggest Bank Loot Scam in India’s History?
  2.  How did Nirav Modi/Mehul Choksi dupe the entire banking system through forged Letters of Understanding under the watch of Modi Government?
  3. How did the fraud escape the eyes of all the auditors and investigators? Does it not point to active complicity at the highest level? Despite the complaints dated 7th May, 2015 & 26th July, 2016 filed to the PMO, ED, SFIO, SEBI, Corporate Affairs Ministry, Govts of Maha & Guj, why was no action against NiMo + Choksi ? Who is protecting Nirav Modi/Mehul Choksi?
  4. How did the entire Banking Sector’s ‘Risk Management System’ and ‘Fraud Detection Ability’ come to a naught? Does the Prime Minister know accused-Mehul Choksi? If yes, why is Modi Government denying it? Did the PMO, PIB and MEA not tweet the picture of Business Delegation comprising of Nirav Modi with Prime Minister?
  5. Was FM, Shri Arun Jaitley’s daughter a retainer advocate for Mehul Choksi? Is this the reason for silence of PM & FM? Does it not amount to Conflict of Interest?