Ease of Doing Business’ becomes ‘Cease of Business’

Modinomics’ & laitleynomics’ exposed!

Economic Mismanagement by Modi Govt has actually pushed the REAL

Ease Of Doing Business rankings to 147! In 2017-18. Now World Bank to review its rankings !

World Bank to review Doing Business Rankings

  • World Bank Chief Economist Paul Romer questions Doing Business Report on Chile.
  • Bank promises external review of Chile’s rankings.
  • Same report improved India’s ranking to #100
  • Report by experts claims India’s ranking is #147 and not #100

‘Stalled Projects’ dot the Investment Landscape

Private sector stalling has never been higher

Year Stalled Projects
2014 766
2015 816
2016 893
Jan 2018 925

Value of Stalled Projects is estimated at a whopping high of Rs 13.25 lakh Crore as on January 2018.

Falling Exports prove Economy’s Sluggishness

Trade deficit which is the value of a country’s imports exceeding its exports, India’s Trade Deficit is a 3-year high, as it widened to $14.88 billion in December 2017.

Exports have seen a downward trend ever since Modi Govt came to power.

2013-14 Congress 2017-2018 (Apr-Dec) BJP Decline %
190,501,1.08 Ce 107,323,9.74 Cr 43.66%