‘Curse of Death’ for India’s

35 Farmers are driven to suicide every day.

41.7°/o Increase in Farm Suicides, after Modi Govt. came to  power.

Year Farmers/Cultivators Agriculture
2014 5650 6710 12360
2015 8007 4595 12602
2016 As per Agri Minister’s Statement 11458
217 As per experts 14000

Agricultural Growth at a Historical Low!

Agriculture Growth under Modi Govt. in past 4 years has been the lowest since Economic Reforms began. It is just 1.9°/o (from 2014-15 to 2017-18) whereas under Congress UPA, Agriculture grew at an average of 4.2°/o.

Distressed Farmers Denied ‘Loan Waiver’

Select ‘Cronies’ Get ‘Special Favour’

  • Rs.1.88 Lakh Crore loans of ‘Businessmen Friends’ written off by BJP.
  • India’s debt-ridden     Farmers denied           ‘Farm   Loan Waiver’ by Modi Government
  • Farmers – 62°/o of India’s population denied ‘succor’ as a handful of crony friends ‘prosper’.

The Dalwai committee report points out that the real incomes of farmers’ need to increase at CAGR of 10.4 per cent to achieve the target of doubling farmers’ incomes by 2022. Presently, the CAGR is just 2.5°/o, therefore ‘Doubling Farmers Income’ is another Jumla being played by Modi Government.

The fallacy of ‘Farm Loan Waiver’ by BJP states

  • There have been numerous instances of flawed implementation of the fallacious of Farm Loan Waivers that have surfaced in BJP ruled -Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and now in Rajasthan.
  • In Maharashtra, BJP promised loan waiver to 89Lakh farmers.  However, nearly 30 Lakh were denied benefits in garb of AADHA AR linked application forms.
  • BJP ruled Uttar Pradesh has achieved less than 60°/o of the targeted disbursal of the farm loan waiver of Rs.36,000 Crore, although the  current financial year 2017-18 is at fag end. (Business Standard I March13,2018)
  • Over 11,700 farmers in BJP ruled Uttar Pradesh received relief for outstanding debt amount ranging from Rs.1 to Rs.500.
  •  BJP Government in Uttar Pradesh has indulged in a cruel joke by providing certificates of ‘Farm Loan Waiver’ worth just 1 Paisa to scores of farmers.
  •  The recently announced ‘Farm Loan Waiver’ in BJP ruled Rajasthan also turned out to be a ‘Big Jumla’- It turned out that the Vasundhara Raje’s announcement covers only short-term loans taken by small and marginal farmers from cooperative banks.

‘Swaminathan Committee’ of Farmers Rejected, Jumlanathan Committee’ of Modi ji started!

BJP came to power promising “Cost+50% Profit on MSP” (BJP Manifesto Page, 44) On February 20, 2015; BJP Govt. told the Supreme Court that India’s farmer cannot be given ‘50% Profit on Cost of Production’.

Shri Arun Jaitley blatantly lied in his Budget speech 2018-19 claiming that Modi Government has already given ‘Cost + 50%’ as MSP to farmers and will continue to do so in future. If we examine the report of ‘Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices’ 2018-19 (Rabi Marketing Season), which forms the basis for determination of MSP of Wheat, Gram etc. in March-April, 2018; it is clear that Modi Government has not given ‘Cost + 50%’ as MSP in any crop. Please peruse the below table:-

Projected Cost of Production of Mandated Crops during Rabi Marketing Season, 2018-19

Crop Cost of production (Rs/Qtl.) Cost+50% (Rs/Qtl.) M S P Difference of MSP & Cost+50% (Rs. per Qtl.)
Wheat 1256 1884 1735 149
Barley 1190 1785 1410 375
Gram 3526 5289 4400 889
Lentil 3729 5590.50 4250 1340.50
Rapeseed & Mustard 3086 4629 4000 629
Sunflower 3979 5968.50 4100 1868.50

Not only this, a perusal of report for Kharif Marketing Season 2017-18 (See Table) of ‘Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices’, of last year, also reflects that cost + 50% has not been given in any of the crops.

Crops Cost of production  (Rs. per QtI.) Cost+50% (Rs/Qtl.) MSP for Kharif 2017- 18 Difference of MSP & Cost+50%
Paddy 1484 2226.00 1550 676.00
Jowar 2089 3133.50 1700 1433.50
Bajra 1278 1917.00 1425 492
Ragi 2351 3526.50 1900 1626.50
Maize 1396 2094 1425 669
Arhar 4612 6918 5450 1468
Moong 5700 8550 5575 2975
Urad 4517 6775 5400 1375
Ground Nut 4089 6133.50 4450 1683.50
Sunflower 4526 6789 4100 2689
Soyabean 2921 4381.50 3050 1331.50
Cotton 4376 6564 4020 2544

Cost of production is different in different states. Based on ‘state-wise cost’, MSP is lower by 24% to 32% of even ‘Cost of Production’.

Govt. Dithers, Farmer Suffers, Mafia Prospers

BP Govt. imports Wheat by reducing Import Duty from 25% to 0%. Nexus with Food Grain Mafia is evident. Total Wheat Import in 2016-17 is 57 Lakh Tonne.

Wheat Export Wheat Export
Product 2013-14 (CONGRESS) Product   2016-Jan17 (BJP)
Qty Lakh tonne Rs. In Crore Qty. Lakh tonne Rs. In Crore
Wheat 55.62 9261.60 Wheat 30.28 4375

In 2015-16, BJP Govt. permitted Import of Pulses at Rs.44/kg. Pulses sold at Rs.230/Kg.

In 2016-17, despite bumper production of 221 Lakh Tonne, BJP has again permitted Import of 66 Lakh Tonne Pulses at Rs.44/kg.

Farmers are not getting Fair Prices, yet Import Mafia prospers.

Companies Profiteer from ‘Fasal Bima Yojana’

PM Fasal Bima Yojana (started on April 1, 2016) benefits Private Empaneled Companies, not the ‘targeted’ Farmers.

‘Premium’ paid to companies is ‘many times more’ than the compensation ‘paid to farmers’.

Krishi Kalyan Cess was brought in 2016. Total Rs 19800 Cr has been collected under in 2016-17 & 2017-18. Modi Govt says, this is being used for PMFBY, in other words to benefit Modi ji’s Crony Friends!

Crop Season Premium paid Compensation paid Company Profit Earned
In Crores In Crores In Crores
Kharif2016+Rabi 2016-17 20478 5650 14828

Schemes for Farmers: Truth Vs Hype

Anti Agriculture mindset of BJP Govt. laid bare by designed cuts in actual spending on schemes essential to farmers’ welfare.

SCHEMES 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
National Food Security Mission 1799 1067 998
Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana 8363 3918 3559
National Horticulture mission 1068 770 915
Rainfed Area Development 304 196 184
National Bamboo Mission 125 77 66
Parampragat krishi Vikas Yojana 225 121

BJP’s Apathy Plunging Agriculture Exports

Agricultural exports declined from US$ 42.23 billion in the year 2013-14 during Congress Government to just US$ 33.87 billion in the year 2016-17 during Modi Government

Value in USD Billion

Year 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
Export 43.23 39.06 32.79 33.87
Import 15.03   20.62 22.06 25.09

Agricultural exports have repeated fallen in four years of Modi Government and agricultural imports have risen manifold. Once exports of agricultural commodities fell, market price to the farmers also fell drastically. On the contrary, agricultural commodities were imported from abroad, leading to further depression in price of domestic agricultural commodities.

For the first time in India’s History, Modi Govt Taxing Agriculture

Pic.Above: Income Tax Verification Claim of Agricultural Claim of a Farmer in Bettaih, Bihar

Agriculture sector is being taxed for the first time in independent India — Under GST, Tractor and all other agricultural implements have been taxed at 12% with tyres, tubes and transmission parts being taxed. Even the cold storages and food grain handling systems are being taxed at 18%.