Education Denied, Future Jeopardized
BJP Government collected Rs 160786.85 Crores in “Education Cess” in last 4 years.


Even the CAG questions the utilization of Education Cess funds as ‘not transparently ascertainable’.
Yet 4.7 Crore school children drop out every year (UNESCO Report 2016) and Govt. schools have vacancies of over 5,00,000 teachers. WHY?

Jeopardizing Mid Day Meal For Children?

Double jeopardy’ is that Modi Govt proposes to make AADHAAR’ compulsory for ‘Mid Day Meal’. Would it not lead to denial of Mid Day Meal to 14 Crore school going children?

Higher Education ‘Stymied’

UGC budget cut by 67.5%

Rs. 9,315 Cr in 2015-16

Rs. 3,022 Cr in 2017-18

Resultantly, (i) UGC reduced funding to Universities from 100% to 70%

(ii) All new courses to be ‘Self-Financed’.

 Burden of hiked fees shifted on poor &weaker section students.

In 2016-17, 43% posts of Teachers vacant in Institutions of Higher Learning

Institutes Sanctioned Posts Vacant Posts
Central Universities 17006 6080
NIIT’s 5483 3183
IIT’s 5073 3183
IIM’s 703 212
Total 28265 12146

Crippling Autonomy, Thwarting Research

Autonomy of 530 Central/State Universities compromised by introducing ‘Common Syllabi’ (with Universities having limited of 30% variation) in the name of ‘Choice Based Credit System’ ! No restriction on Private Universities. WHY ?

Massive 84% cut in MPhil and PhD seats in JNU, Gujarat Central University & other institutes of higher learning.

#OccupyUGC protests erupted as BJP scrapped financial assistance of Rs 5000/8000 per month for MPhil/PhD students selected for a ‘Research Programme’, who have not taken the NET.

BJP/RSS lackeys appointed Vice Chancellor’s of Universities & Institutes of Higher Learning bypassing meritocracy.

Gag orders, slew of bans & harassment of girls have stifled ‘opinions & discussions’ in all institutes of learning from IIT Madras, Banaras Hindu University, Allahabad University to FTII, Pune.

Suppression & Oppression of India’s Youth

Punjab University students were brutally beaten up by Police as they were protesting 1110% fee hike

BJP Govt. has become ‘a collaborator’ in violence against students and teachers.

‘Suppression & Oppression’ of voices led to massive unrest on campuses including Jadavpur University, Punjab University, Pune University, NIT Srinagar. JNU & Banaras Hindu University

ABVP perpetuates ‘hooliganism’, ‘caste discrimination’, & ‘demonises dissenters’ — from


Rohith vemula

BJP Govt provides ‘institutional cover’ to ABVP and imposes curbs on ‘free thought & expression’ of the young.

Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley vilifies ‘expression of opinion’ in India’s Colleges & Universities calling them as “alliance of subversion”


Do you care for young India?


Absymal Growth of 0.35% in Organised Sector

Where are the Livelihood Opportunities for the Young ?

Infact, rampant unemployment pushed 15 lakh people in 2017 out of the Labour Work Force (CMIE)

Between October 2016 and October 2017, 90 lakh jobs were lost according to latest CMIE data.

About 3,10,00,000 (3.10 Cr) unemployed youth in India as of February 2018.

May 2017 report of Labour Bureau, GOI admits loss of 2 Lakh jobs between Oct 2016 to Jan 2017, owing to ‘Demonetisation’.

Low Job Creation or No Job Creation?

India needs to create 34.35 Crore jobs. uptil the year 2028 i.e. 3-4 Crore jobs every year. Out of 30.67 Lakh youth trained in Skill India, a mere 2.9 Lakh ( less than 10%) found placement.

At current speed, BJP Govt. will take 50 years to create as many jobs. 77% of Indian workers to have vulnerable employment by 2019: ILO

56000 lay-offs across Indian IT Industry is Worrisome!

Campus hiring fell by 50-70% :

Nearly 1/3rd (7 Lakh) low Skill workers of IT Sector stand to lose their jobs by 2022 (HSR Research)

500000 Indian expats working overseas may lose jobs on account of H1 B Visa policies of USA & Australia


In the lowest wage hike ever under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Scheme (MGNREGA), the BJP Govt. increased wages by a paltry average of just 2.7% in 2017-18.

This was 9% every year during Congress led UPA.

7 lakh workers ‘lose’ jobs in khadi industry

A cruel joke is that in BJP ruled states like Assam, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, the increase in daily wages under MGNREGA is an abysmal

Rs 1/- in 2017-18.

In 2016-17, BJP Govt. defaulted in paymens of pver Rs.9,179 Cr under MGNREGA

W.e.f 2017-18, Modi Govt. stopped publishing the data of outstanding amount to MGNREGA workers. Arrears are believed to have increased.


‘Start-up’ India remains a ‘Non Starter’ !

26 months ago, BJP Govt. launched ‘Startup India, Standup India’ scheme with much publicity, noise and hype, but with zero delivery.

Only 10% of funds disbursed in 2017-18, to fund the ‘Startups’ from the Rs 10,000 Cr’ Startup Fund’.

One more Jumla?

680 Start ups were closed down till October 2017, after the launch of Start up India

BJP’s ‘Jumla’ as only 74 Startup proposals out of the 6096 applications were granted tax benefits under the scheme uptill 2017-18.


A Mirage

NCRB Report exposes the deception of BJP Govt.

2016 2013 2015 2016
Kidnapping & Abduction of Women 51881 59277 65519
Assault with intent to outrage 70739 84222 84746
Human Traffickling 3940 6877 8132
Crimes Against Children 58224 94172 106958

Delhi & BJP ruled states continueto have the highest crime rate

Rape Offences 2013 2016 % increase
Delhi 1893 2155 13.84%
Maharashtra 3063 4816 36.3
Madhya Pradesh 4335 4882 11.2%
Chhattisgarh 1141 3094 171%

Three recent incidents of Rape-Murder-Molestation have wounded the soul of Bharat Mata

Bone-chilling Gangrape, mutilation and savage murder of a hapless woman in Haryana on May 9, 2017, followed by smashing of victim’s face with bricks reminded of a horror worse than the ‘Nirbhaya Case’, sending shock waves at BJP Govt’s apathy towards women’s security.

An eight-month-old baby girl was raped (Jan 2018) allegedly by her cousin in Shakurbasti, north-west Delhi, according to media reports. Media termed this rape as ‘Baby Nirbhaya’. while the Supreme Court expressed anguish.

The sex scandal of Naliya , Gujarat (Feb 2017) has unmasked the real ‘Chaal, Chehra & Charitra’ of BJP. According to the victim, BJP OBC Cell Convenor & 9 others drugged, raped and blackmailed her in a sex racket being run by politicians in Kutch, Gujarat. She also claimed that there are atleast 60 others girls involved in sexual exploitation. As always, Gujarat BJP merely suspended 4 of its leaders and nothing has been heard of the matter since then.

Misogynist BJP-RSS disrespects India’s Women

Adityanath,UP CM has shockingly written,”Stree Shakti should never be independent, she requires protection and Channelization….in fact, women are not worthy of being independent or free”.

He further states, “If women acquire the virtues of men, they become Devil”.

M L Khattar, Haryana CM disgracefully stated, “If a girl is dressed decently, a boy will not look at her in the wrong way, if you want freedom, why don’t you just roam around naked?”

Arun Jaitley, FM appallingly remarked, “One small incident of rape in Delhi advertised world over is enough to cost us billions of dollars”.

RSS Chief, Mohan Bhagwat disparagingly insulted the institution of marriage & said, “Marriage is a social contract… under it, a bargain is entered into between husband —wife, even though people may call it matrimony”

Disempowering Girl Child

For all the hoopla over “Beti Bachao Beti Padao” (BBBP), the Economic Survey 2017-18, says that there are still 21 lakh c,- children that go missing every year.

The Modi Government’s outlay of “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” Scheme for All Districts is just Rs 230 Crore for in 218-19.It means that each district under the scheme will get just Rs 2:3 75 Lakhs only.

How will the ‘Beti’ benefit from this meagre budget Is it only meant for advertisements?

As per 2011 Census, there are 632 lakh girls below 15 racial age. Hence, annual allocation comes to a pittance of 0.69 paisa each girl.

Compromising Women Safety

Out of the Rs3600 Cr of ‘Nirbhaya Fund’ for women’s safety & dignity not utilized, only Rs 825 Cr have been utilized in the last 4 years.

Out of 660 ‘One Stop Centres’ to be set up for assisting rape victims,

Not a Single ‘One Stop Centre’ –functioning

Disempowering & Disenfranchising Women

BJP Govts. of Rajasthan & Haryana disenfranchised 75% women by mandating educational qualifications.

Women in Assam are now being punished for having more than 2 children by being denied the right to elected office

BJP attacks Minorities as a toolof their polarizing agenda

By donning the garb of religion, vice does not become a virtue, nordoes a wrong cease to be wrong”

— Mahatma Gandhi

Under BJP’s watch, lynch mob mentality, persecution, hounding, name-calling & religious stereotyping is glorified. Akhlaq & Pehlu Khan are only tip of the iceberg.

Under the then BJP-Akali Dal Govt in Punjab, a series of 7 desecration incidents of the Guru Granth Sahib took place as police fired upon and killed peaceful protestors.

A series of church attacks and vandalism across the country i.e,

Mumbai, Agra, Raipur, Khandwa, Dindigul, Ghazipur, Sri Ganganagar etc have exposed the all pervading atmosphere of hate, fear & insecurity viz-a-viz minorities.



Abolishing Scheduled Caste Reservation

RSS Publicity Chief, Manmohan Vaidya, describes reservation as

“akin to separatism”.

RSS Chief, Mohan Bhagwat, seeks “review of reservation” & demands a committee on “need for reservation”.

Abolishing SC Sub Plan — Depriving Dalits

In 2010, Congress Govt. introduced “Narendra Jadhav” Guidelines mandating allocation of a minimum of 4.63% of total budgetary allocation for SC Sub Plan.

Targeted flow of financial and physical benefits from all sectors for development of Scheduled Castes stands abrogated.

Reduction in Welfare schemes


BJP government has abolished SC Sub Plan itself.

As a result, money for SC schemes stands reduced to 2.5% in 2017-18

Indignity & Atrocities on Dalits under BJP’s Watch

Under BJP’s watch, a Dailt suffers an atrocity every 12 minutes

Dalits atrocities at ahigh of 40,801 in 2016-17 (NCRB)

5 BJP ruled states have highest crime rates against Dalits reveals NCRB data- Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajesthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat.

A Mindset to Persecute & Prosecute Dalits

Unthinkable Crimes against Dalits

Horrific Untouchability & Violence

Ugly planned and State sponsored Violence against Dalits, burning down their houses in Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh has again reminded the country about the Anti-Dalit mindset of BJP.

Horrific practice of Untouchability against Dalits that pervades the mindset of BJP leaders was exposed by shameful conduct of two senior leaders.

  • UP BJP CM, Adityanath’s administration forced extremely poor ‘Musahar’ community in Rampur, UP to bathe with soap and sprinkle perfume so as to avoid bad odour, while he visited them.
  • Karnataka BJP President & Ex CM, BS Yeddyurappa finds it below his dignity to eat food in a Dalit house and orders hotel food.

Declining Govt. Jobs & Backlog for SC’s

– Injustice Galore

Recruitment in Central Govt jobs for SCs decline by 91%.

Congress Govt. year 2013 BJP Govt. Year 2015 Decline in Jobs
92,928 8,436 84,492 (91%)
Lok Sabha Unstarred Question No. 443, 4439 dated 29.03.2017

31% backlog vacancies of SCs i.e. 28,713 posts on 31.12.2016

Modi Government hides the latest Job figures 2017-18, which are even worse. !

UGC Circular of 5th March, 2018 abolishes SC reservations by treating departments as a unit in place of Universities. Consequence is denial of opportunities to SC’s in Institutes of Higher Learning.

Stifling Funds for SC Welfare Schemes Drastic cut of 86% in ‘Pre-matric SC Scholarship Scheme’

Drastic cut of 86% in ‘Pre-matric SC Scholarship Scheme

CONGRESS Govt. (2013-14) BJP Govt              (2018-19 Decline                        (in crores)
882 crores 125 crores 757 Crores (86%)

Cruel Joke in ‘Credit Guarantee Scheme’ for SCs

Year Allotted Utilized
2016-17 10 Crores 1 Lakh
2018-19 1 Lakh  

Shameful that outcome Budget 2018-19 claims to provide for credit of Rs 20,000 each to ONLY 5 SC entrepreneurs in the entire country

Farce of ‘Venture Capital Fund for SCs’

  2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19
No.of Beneficiaries:- All India 2 38 24 50 55 (Proposed)

Sham of ‘Employment & Rehab of Manual Scavengers’

  2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19
Budgeted 439 Cr. 461 Cr. 10 Cr. 5 Cr. 20 Cr.
Actual Expenditure 0 0 1 Cr.    

Tribals ‘Troubled’ – Right to Livelihood Denied

  • As per 201 I Census, India’s tribal population is 10.45 Cr. Congress Govt gave right to jai, Jungle & Zameen’ by Forest Rights Act, 2006 entitling tribal’s to ‘forest pattas’ .
  • In 4 years, BJP Govt has denied this ‘Right to Livelihood’ by malicious rejection of 54% ‘Forest Pattas’. In March 2018, Supreme Court has sought details from all states on action taken against claimants whose claims have been rejected.
India/ States Patta’ Claims received up to 31.10.2017 Claims Rejected % Reduction
Individual Community Total
India 4050131 139696 4189827 1827143 43.6%
Madhya Pradesh 575639 39828 615467 364309 59.12%
Chhattisgarh 852530 27548 880078 459799 52.24%

BJP Govt. ‘slashes’ MSP of ‘Forest Produce’

In 2013-14, UPA-Congress took the ‘historical decision’ of fixing MSP of Forest Produce. Latest order of 21 Nov 2017, does not increase MSP for the following:-

3 years have seen a deliberate reduction of I 2,445 tonnes of purchase of forest produce even at MSP.

2014-15 19,975 tonnes
2015-16 13,121 tonnes
2016-17 7,530 tonnes

Horrific Crimes Against Tribals

4 years of BJP Govt have seen an unprecedented spurt in crimes against tribals. BJP States are the worst offenders.

Crime Againist Scheduled tribes 2015 2016 % Increase
All India 6376 6568 4.7%

Madhya Pradesh (1,823 cases) reported the highest number of cases of atrocities against Scheduled Tribes (STs) accounting for 27.8% followed by Rajasthan with 18.2% (1,195 cases)

Suffocating Tribal Welfare

The number of ST Welfare schemes have gone down from 307 in 2016-17 to 261 in 2017-18.

Out of Rs 31920 Cr allocated for ST’s in 2017-18, Rs 18073 Cr remained unspent.

Modi Govt’s Ministry of Environment & Forests has notified new rules in February 2018, whereby prior ‘Consent or Consultation’ of Tribals before Diversion of Forest land by Govt has been done away with. This is a body blow to the sprit of Compensatory Afforestation Fund Act, 2016. BJP ruled states have eased rules for diversion of ‘Forest and Tribal land’. In Jharkhand, BJP Government amended ‘Chhota Nagpur & Santhal Pargana Tenancy Acts’ to eliminate Rights of Gram Sabha and permit Tribal land to be taken over. Social unrest ensued. 7 Tribals were killed in Hazaribagh, Ramgarh and Khunti districts between August-October 2016.